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Creative Writing Game - Writer’s Block Game

Creative Writing Game

Writer’s Block Game

Sylvia Plath writing quote
Write the voice inside you - Sylvia Plath

I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.

-Writing Quote by Sylvia Plath

For Game you will need:

Paper, pen, scraps of paper and a writing surface for each guest
Plastic cups
A picture
A master list

A master list is a list of 8 -10 phrases, names, words, etc. that all participants will use to create their story.

Creating a master list:  Pin up a photo and ask questions about the photo.  Here is one for a sample:

creative picture for writing game


Writer's Block
Creative Writing
Game Photo

Ask a question and have each guest put their answer in a plastic cup.  Ask the next question, put answers in a different cup. Do not reveal the responses until 8 - 10 questions have been answered.  Guest can also help you come up with questions.

Sample questions (Using above picture):
What is my name?
What do I do for a living?
What line do I use as a pick-up line in a bar?
What’s my nickname?
What will it say on my tombstone?
What is my favorite food? Book? Quote
Guest questions? Etc?

Only after all questions are done, then read all the answers to what is my name?  How fun and creative did your guests get?  After you read all responses, put the names back in the cup and randomly select one.  Everyone will put the name picked on their master list.  Then read all the answers to the question, “What do I do for a living?”  Then put answers back in cup and randomly pick one for master list.  Repeat until you get full master list.

Sample Master List (still using above Gator picture) for Writer's Block - Creative Writing Game:
(only write answers not what is in parenthesis) 

Vinny (what is my name)
Plumber’s assistant (occupation)
Have rose will travel (pick-up line)
Big Teeth, Little Feet (nickname)
Nobody believes I was a homely child (saying on tombstone)
Jeno’s Pizza Rolls (favorite food)  + 4 more. Shortened example

Now each person (using the same master list) tries to make up a story using all words or phrases on list.  Only rule:  Can not make up a story about the picture.

writer's quote: write your own story
Write your own story in life.

Here are some ideas, using our example master list. Note stories can not be about alligators:

Idea:  A story about a person or person in the room:

Yes, it was Paula’s 14th blind date in a row, but she was feeling pretty luck as she sprayed on her Have Rose Will Travel perfume all over her built like a plumber’s assistance body.  She quoted her favorite affirmation as she stared in the mirror:  Nobody believes I was a homely child.  Suddenly, the door bell rang..

Idea: Write an Famous person’s autobiography:

Call me, Abraham Big Teeth-Little Feet Lincoln as that is my true, full name.  I was named after my great grand-pappy, a smooth talking plumber’s assistance, who four score and seven years ago went a calling on my great grandma, Milly-Vinny-Lee, a mime singer/dancer.  He….

Idea:  A poem:

Ode to a Jeno’s Pizza Roll
Vinny-Vinny is my name
And eating Jeno’s Pizza Rolls is my game
It not only puts hair on my chest, woo-hoo
But hairs on my Big Teeth-Little Feet too

Yes, Vinny-Vinny is my name
And eating Jeno’s Pizza Rolls is my game

Have each player read their stories!

Small prizes for all who were able to use all of the master list.  Bigger prize for the most creative.  

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