Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Sunday

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There are two kinds of  people in this world:
Those who like Marshmallow Peeps and those who do not!  

Marshmallow Peeps Happiness Easter Quote
Money can't buy happiness
But it can buy Peeps
Which are kinda the same thing!

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet 

      To Be Or Not To Be

Soliloquy -Parody Peeps Style

To Peep or not to Peep, that is the question
Whether ‘tis nobler in the (Peep) eating to use
Thy forks and knives on Porcelain China
Or to take wings plucked off in doubles
And perhaps peanut buttering them? To dip, The Peep
No napkin, and such a mess at my finger’s end
The jubilation and thousand natural shocks
My brother is near to torture again
Good use his Sunday shirt to wipe, the Peep

To Peep perchance, only Peeps, ay no Jelly Beans
For in the Peep of marshmallow what dreams may come
When we shuffled through the plastic green grass
We must give pause, there’s a chocolate bunny
That it is hollow, makes a long life
For who would not bring chocolate bunnies with center
The Easter Bunny did wrong, yuck white Jelly Beans
The Peeps is marshmallow love, oh gratification delay
My brother is being called and the exchange begins
To take brother’s Peeps, and give him Jelly beans
That is the answer!

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Easter Bunny Love Quote In Poster 

Easter Bunny Quote Love Rumi

Egg Salad Recipe for the Easter Sunday Dinner

William Shakespeare Inspired!

Eggs You Like It Salad:
8  hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup mayonnaise 
1 tsp yellow mustard 
¼ cup of chopped celery
¼ cup of chopped green onions
1/2 tsp black pepper 
1/4 tsp coarse salt 

Peel and chop the hard boiled eggs
In a bowl gently mix all ingredients
Adjust seasonings AS YOU LIKE IT!!!
Cover and chill for 30 minutes


Easter Sunday Church 

Happy Easter!
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  1. My kids love Peeps, but they're not my favorite (I think they taste best when they're a little bit stale!). I love Cadbury Mini Eggs. They're my downfall.

  2. Little fun sugar balls are what I think of when I see them, I won't eat them but they are fun to look at for sure. Love your parody poem, very creative. Enjoy your little sugar balls of happiness & Happy Easter :-)

    Kellie @ Sexy Bags & Shoes

  3. I have never been a peeps fan and I don't even know why! There's just something about them that grosses me out!

  4. That egg salad recipe sounds really nice. I have never tried peeps before, unsure if they have them here in the UK

  5. I saw on Pinterest a post for making Edible Peeps Playdough. I'm also not the biggest peeps fan so there are other options for using them. :)

  6. Something Shakespeare would be a great theme for an event or a party.

  7. I'd never heard of Peeps until recently when I saw a recipe that needed them and had to look them up. We don't have anything like that over here.

  8. I have to admit- I love Peeps! LOL. The peeps poem is cute!

  9. That egg salad sounds really good. I love peeps too!

    Michelle F.

  10. Love Your Quotes & Sayings Sounds Like A AWESOME Recipe Too!!

  11. The egg salad recipe looks easy to prepare and the ingredients are simple. I haven't tried peeps though.

  12. That egg salad recipe is definitely worth a try I love peeps hate you can only get them once a year

  13. I love the Peeps Hamlet, it is just perfect! I always love to read your posts, and your blog in general. You have such great quotes and awsome authors.

  14. Hilarious love that Hamlet parody, I dont think Easter is really Easter w/o peeps my kids love them and so do I.

  15. I have a post on my facebook page with about 5 blue peeps posed on motorcycles and it says Hoppy Easter! I was I could share the pic, it's so funny!!

  16. It was fun reading the parody on Shakespeare's work. I actually love some of his work and how it has been made into movies in this age.

  17. Love the peeps poem. Thanks for poem and recipe.

  18. I came here late but I guess that Egg Salad Recipe sounds nice, gotta try it

  19. Yum, the salad sounds very delicious. I usually add boiled egg when I make one. Your photo is very beautiful. I love the poem.

  20. I totally just read that Peep poem to my husband. And I tried to read it like a Shakespearean. :D

  21. Your egg salad sounds delish! As for PEEPS I really only care to eat them as the marshmallow in smores.

  22. We love Peeps at our house! And great looking egg salad recipe. I'm sure tons of people will have lots of hard boiled eggs they could use to make this recipe.

  23. These are awesome quotes indeed. I love Peeps so this is one of my favorite quotes. lol Thanks so much for sharing and love the recipe.

  24. I think you have the same thing on your mind that I do this Easter! I can't wait until the day after Easter so I can score some half-price Peeps!

  25. Ahhhhhh I love peeps!!! They are one of my favorite Easter things and I look forward to seeing them out on the shelves in the spring!!!