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Trending! A Brand New Card Game - da Joey

The back story to da Joey

The card game was named after my brother.  Who was approximately 120 miles away when we first made up, played and named the card game after him.  Meet Joey:

Why come up with a new card game and name it after someone who is nowhere near the table?  

Well my parents, my sister and I were playing cards when we noticed it was boring. We play dealer’s choice, which is usually some poker hand (5 card draw, Texas hold’em, Seven No Peak, etc.) Whatever the dealer wants to play.  So why was it boring? Because my brother wasn't there to play his made up, complicated games that we all groan about when it is his turn to deal.

Some of his creations:

The Cliffy Card is Wild:  Any five which is now called the Cliffy Card is wild.  It’s like getting a free ride to Boone Village. 

Huh??? When I was a young teenager, I wanted to go with my brother and his friends to an Indianapolis Indian’s Baseball Game.  I begged my brother to let me go. I was so uncool then.  He finally relented and said, if it is okay with Cliff (the one who was driving), then I could go.  So off I went to chase down Cliff, sing-songingly calling out Cliff-y.  Well over the years the location of where we were headed got switched from a baseball game to a small strip mall (Boone Village) where everyone in our town hung out. Hence, if you have the Cliffy Card, it's like getting a free ride to Boone Village.

Psychic Pass The Trash:  If you do not know the rules of Pass The Trash, you've got to look this game up. It’s fun, fun, fun. In normal Pass The Trash, you get to look at your card before determining if you want to pass it to your neighbor in hopes of a better card.  You only have to beat one person's card, so you  don’t have to have the lowest card.  In Psychic Pass The Trash, you leave your card face down, without looking at it and wave your hand over the card, using your psychic powers to determine if you want to keep the card or trade the card.  Everyone turns their card up at one time to determine if they had made the correct choice!….

In order to know how to play da Joey, you must know how to play 5 card draw.  If you know how to do that--skip this section----

How to play five card draw.  This game has slight variations, but this is generally how most people play it.  Up to five people can play.  You pre-bet which is called an ante. The ante is a dime when we play.  Then each player is dealt five cards. Your objective is to make the best poker hand.  You will get to exchange up to four cards if you are still in the game.  First, starting with the player to the left of the dealer, you get an option to bet on the hand you were initially dealt.  After the round of betting, the dealer will start with the person on their left and ask them how many cards they want.  They can choose none to four.  After everyone, including the dealer has a chance of exchanging their cards, there is another round of betting.  Afterwards, you show your cards. Best hand, still in the game, wins!!!

da Joey - A New And Exciting Card Game!

Ante up and the dealer deals everyone 5 cards.  The Cliffy Card (any 5) is wild!!! You make a bet on your initial cards, but the kicker here is that you must discard 4 of the 5 cards.  Yes, I said it, You must discard 4 out of the 5 cards.  You could have all 4 Cliffy Cards,  you could be sitting there with a royal flush and you are going to have to keep one card and discard the rest.  This is where the fun is. The moaning, the groaning, the no way, I am not discarding 4 cards. This is when you will get your best initial hand ever!!!!  After a round of betting, whoever is still in will discard four of their cards and the dealer will provide them with four new cards.  Another round of betting after you get your new hand. Then you turn your cards over. Best poker hand wins!!!!

Before exercising it is important to stretch! Similarly, before playing any games it's important to get motivated (or in the motivational zone)!  So get your motivational quotes here --> Motivational Quotes! <--our webpage and blog sponsor.  It's a win-win for both of us!

May Cliffy Cards follow you!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy 50th, 60th or 70th Birthday Song Parody

Three Song Parodies for the Baby Boomers’ Birthdays

Signs to the left are just computer generated. An easy to make project!
Damn Right, I'm Good In Bed, I Can Sleep For Days

I'm Not Old, I'm Youthfully Challenged

I Don't Have A Solution, But I Admire Your Problem

I Am NOT in Denial

Song Parody of Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song - 70th Birthday Celebration

The Ballad Of Lynn Clampett (Last name changed to protect the old)

Come and listen to a story about a man named Lynn
A poor Kentuckian, barely kept a hair on his head, 
Then one day he was combing through his locks
And out came a hair that was brown as a fox

Brown that is
Not Gray
Mercy me

Well the first thing you know ol Lynn’s an old man
Kinfolk said “Lynn you groan every time you get off the can”
Said “The hospital-lee is the place you ought to be”
So they loaded up the truck and the doctor they went to see

Pills, that is
High blood pressure 

Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Lynn’s looks & youth
And we’ll have to hope he hangs on to that one or two last tooth
You’re all invited to repeat yourself over and again 
He might hear you then but there’s no chance of his rememberin’ 

Old that is.
70 years.
Take your shoes off 
And calculate.

Have a happy birthday, y'hear? 

Balloons on the ceiling hanging from streamers are a fun and economical way to decorate!

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Song Parody of I Am Woman Hear Me Roar - 60th Birthday Celebration


I am 60 hear me moan
No longer fit and tone
And I can’t remember so I pretend
That I have no love handles
And I can blow out all those candles
With little help from the firemen

Oh yes I am 60
But it’s time for a cane
Yes I fell twice
But I hardly feel the pain
If I had to, I could walk around the block
I am 60 hear me moan

You can bend me but it would break me
And the hospital would refuse to take me
Cuz my bladder has lost all control
My nose hairs are getting longer
I smell like a fish monger
Cuz all this cat foot eating is takin’ it’s toll

On yes I am 60
But it’s time for a cane
Yes I fell twice
But I hardly feel the pain
If I had to, I could walk round the block
I am 60 hear me moan

I am old now hear me snore
My teeth have fallen on the floor
And I’m too stiff to bend to pick them up
Can’t see to find my way
Getting blinder day by day
Thank Goodness for my drool cup

Big 50
in Lite Brite

Fun decoration!

Song Parody of The Monkees Theme Song - 50th Birthday Celebration

Here she comes
Running down the street
The grooviest chick
You’ll ever meet

Hey, hey you’re 50
But people say it’s more like 20
And we’re too busy singing
To count the candles on the cake

We're just trying to be friendly,                
But hey it’s your birthday
You’re the Tab generation
And you get older each day

Anytime or anywhere,                                       
just look over your shoulder                              
Because we'll be standing there.                       
Cause next to you we look much younger
And people like to stare.
But don’t give it too much care
Cause we got plenty of beer

Hey, hey we’re your sissies
And we love you like you were 20
But we would be remiss
Without a 50’s diss

Hey, hey you’re 50
But people say it’s more like 20
And we're too busy singing,                  
To count the candles on the cake

Celebrate every day!

What if every day
were your day.

Celebrate Whimsy Today!

-Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Thank you Weird Al Yankovic for all the inspiration over the years!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quotes in Posters About Poetry

Poetry Poster #1

Poetry Quote:

The poet strips naked.
The philosopher takes notes.
-Marty Rubin

Would love comments about this poster!

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Poetry Poster #2

Poetry Quote: 

Poetry is a useful place for lamentation.
Poems are a place where we can cry out!  -Bell Hooks

Poetry Poster #3

Every day is poetry day!

Poetry Poster #4

Poetry Quote: 

Where to start?
Everything cracks and shakes,
The air trembles with similes,
No one world's better than another;
The earth moans with metaphors.
-Osip Mandelstam

                                                       Poetry Poster #5

Poetry Quote:
Haiku is not a shriek, a howl,
a sigh, or a yawn; -rather,
it is the deep breath of life.
-Santoka Taneda

Poetry Poster #6

-Muriel Rukeyser
Breathe in experience.
Breathe out poetry.

by David Rowe
If you can't beat'em

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Read Books For Free 

Rare, Children’s, Mystery, Cookbooks and Other Books  

Song Parody

To the tune of the Armour Hot Dog Song.  

Free books
Read your free books?  
What kind of kids love to read free books?  
Big kids (you!), lit-tle kids, kids who climb on your lap, 
Short kids, tall kids, even kids who like to rap love free books.  
Arm loads of FREE BOOKS
The kinda books kids love to read!

Library Book Quote:
Stranger, pause and look
From the dust of ages
Lift this little book,
Turn the tattered pages,
Read me, do not let me die!
Search the fading letters finding
Steadfast in the broken binding
All that once was I!
-Edna St. Vincent Millay

Remember when you were a kid and wanted your future job as an adult to be getting paid to watch tv or movies or read books.  Some of us as adults are still wishing.  Well these jobs are rare, rare, rare.  BUT, I do have the next best thing.  Read books for free.  Yes, I said read books for free.  What kind of books, do you ask?…..Waiting for you to ask…. Oh, thank you!  You favorite kind, whether it be, romance, mystery, biography, gardening, cookbook, out of print books, etc.   

How???? Your local library has a service called Interlibrary Loan.  

With this free service, I have been able to read very rare books.  No cost to me!!! Plus I can read a book then decide if I may want to add to my collection. Never spend money on a book that turned out to be not what expected.

Library Book Quote:

Books have a way of
finding their way into
our lives, usually,
right when we need
them the most.

-Christian Marotti


Here are terms and info from my local library:

My library has access to 7,000 libraries to borrow from.  Yes!!!  I have access to books from 7,000 libraries. AMAZING.

I can make a request for a book at my library or while sitting at home in my pajamas.  I just  go to my library’s website and follow the easy instructions.

All I need is a valid library card and have no overdue books.  Oops! I will return that book!

I can request up to five books per week.  I can read one book a week, so I'm good.

New books are available after three months of publication.  No biggie, who isn’t behind in their reading.  Plus there are hordes of books now available to me that I had no access to before. Books that I didn’t even know existed.

Loan period is for six weeks.  Thank you as I am a slow reader.

If the book costs less than $15.00, my library may just choose to buy the book and add it to their collection for all. How groovy is that?

***Check your library terms out as they may differ*****

Reading Quote:

The more you read,
the more things you
will know.  The
more that you learn,
the more places
you'll go.

-Dr. Seuss

7 Quotes About Reading!!!

*Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. -Margaret Fuller

*A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.-Lyndon Baines Johnson

*To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries. -A C Grayling

*Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms. -Angela Carter

*Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books.-Bell Hooks
To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. -Victor Hugo

*Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world. -Voltaire

What book having you been wanting to read?  Use the comment section below.  Would also love ideas on future subjects for blogs.

Your visit is appreciated!
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Celebrating Father’s Day with Humor and Love 

Quotes, Posters, Lingo and TV Dads

Father’s Day Picture Quote

Fathers - The Lingo

What do you call your father?

Daddy                       Dad                   Daddy-o
Pops                         PaPa                  Pa
Poppy                       Padre                 Parental Unit
Father                      The Warden       The Old Man
Sir                            Senior                 Babu                   
Dad-Slice                 Dadda                Farkle-King

Happy Father's Day

A father carries pictures
where his money used to be.

This poster can be shared

Top 10 Father’s Day Quotes

*Go ask your mother.

*Don’t tell your mother

*When I was a kid, we had to walk to school 10 miles, uphill both ways, through the snow and we were grateful.

*I am not J.D. Rockefeller.  Turn off the lights.

*I brought you into this world; I can take you out.

*Who ate the last Fig Newton?  (He did. No one else would touch them.) Yuck!

*I’m not sleeping. I’m flying the couch.

*It’ll make you grow hair on your chest!

*Were you raised in a barn?

*Don’t make me stop the car!

Father's Day Quote:

Your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.

TV Dads -The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

1950’s -60’s  Kids: Wally and Beaver     Dad: __4__   ___7____

1960’s  Kids:  Robbie, Chip and Ernie    Dad: ___6___  ___7_____ 

1970’s  Kids: John Boy, Mary Ellen, Jason, Erin, Ben, Jim-Bob, Elizabeth    Dad: __4__  ___6___

1970’s  Kids:  Greg, Marsha, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy     Dad: __4__   ___5__

1980’s  Kids:  Alex P.,  Mallory and Jennifer     Dad:  ___6___   ___6___

1990’s-on Kids: Bart, Lisa and Maggie     Dad:  __5___   ___7____   

1990’s TV Show Seinfeld--Who were the dads of George and Jerry?
Jerry’s Dad:  __5___   ____8____ and George’s Dad:  __5___  ____8____

1990’s -2000’s Kids:  Raymond and Robert    Dad: __5___  ___6___

Present: Kids:  Claire, Mitchell, Fulgencio and Manny (Stepson)    Dad: _3__  ____8____

Ward Cleaver (Leave It To Beaver) -- Steven Douglas (My Three Sons) -- John Walton (The Waltons) -- Mike Brady (Brady Bunch) -- Steven Keaton (Family Ties) --  Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) --  (Seinfeld) Jerry’s Dad:  Morty Seinfeld & George’s Dad:  Frank Costanza --Frank  Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond)  --   Jay Pritchett (Modern Family) 

Use the comment section to share your dad's famous quotes!

My dad:
The Farkle King

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers!
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Sylvia Plath - Short Story Challenge and Word Search Puzzle  

Sylvia Plath Quote in Poster

Life was not to 
be sitting in hot 
amorphic leisure
in my backyard 
idly writing or not 
writing, as the 
spirit moved me.  
It was, instead, 
running madly
 in a crowded 
schedule, in a 
squirrel cage 
of busy people.  
Working, living, 
dreaming, talking, 
kissing, singing, 
laughing, learning. 
 -Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath Word Search Puzzle


Ariel          Bell Jar         Boston           Colossus 
Daddy       Event            Journal           Lady          
Lazarus     Metaphors    Novelist          Plath
Poem        Rival             Sylvia             Ted
Victoria     Winter Trees

Sylvia Plath Quotes:
I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart.  I am, Iam.

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.  I lift my eyes and all is born again.

Sylvia Plath - Short Story Challenge

Great idea for a party! Great to help overcome writer's block!

Fit as many of the titles listed below which are some of Sylvia Plath’s Poem titles into a short storyYour Story can be about anything!!! Feel free to leave your story in the comments section.  By leaving your story in comments it is with the understanding that it may be used in any upcoming blogs!  

After the title list is an example of a short story using Plath’s Poem Titles. Then it's your turn!

A Life                                      Metaphors                               Daddy
Mad Girl's Love Song              Lady Lazarus                           Mirror  
A Birthday Present                  Ariel                                         Mushrooms 
Tulips                                      Morning Song                          The Dead   
A Better Resurrection              Love Is A Parallax                    Queen's Complaint   
Kindness                                The Colossus                            Love Letter 
A Lesson In Vengeance          Monologue At 3 AM                 Leaving Early
April 18                                    Getting There                          Jilted 
Vanity Fair                              Balloons                                   The Applicant    
Mary's Song                           Stillborn                                    Insomniac  
Fever 103°                             Aftermath                                 I Am Vertical 
Three Women                        Last Words                              Crossing The Water 
By Candlelight                        Face Lift                                  The Bee Meeting 
Spinster                                 The Other                                 Night Shift  
The Rival                               The Night Dances                     Electra On Azalea Path
Poems, Potatoes                   Gigolo                                       Letter In November
Mystic                                    Pursuit                                      Southern Sunrise  
Wintering                               Apprehensions                         Stings
The Sleepers                        The Disquieting Muses              Pheasant  
Snake Charmer                    The Times Are Tidy                   Full Fathom Five 
The Munich Mannequins       Totem                                       Landowners
Contusion                              Resolve                                   Sleep In The Mojave Desert 
Tale Of A Tub                       The Swarm                               Strumpet Song 
Fiesta Melons                        Sculptor                                   Prospect                        
Two Campers In Cloud Country                             Conversation Among The Ruins
Winter Landscape, With Rooks                              Never Try To Trick Me With A Kiss
Dialogue Between Ghost & Priest                          Two Views Of A Cadaver Room
On Looking Into The Eyes Of A Demon Lover    

Example: Although I was a Sleep In The Mojave Desert, I could not escape the dreams that circled in my head like The Swarm of Jilted mosquitoes whose Stings was unquenched by my puny almost bloodless body. The Prospect of....

there is
a voice
me that
will not
be still
-Sylvia Plath

So who wants a future Sylvia Plath Blog???? I do!  I do!  Hopefully, I am not the only one jumping up and down yelling, "I do!"  Hmmm, how to get a future one...


*Use the comment section below to write a short story, poem, or anything using the titles listed earlier and give me approval to use it in a future blog.

*Give suggestions on what you would like to read in a future Sylvia Plath Blog.

*Leave original stories, poems, ideas, games, or anything that would be related to a Plath Blog with permission to use it.

*Use the comment section to encourage me to get off my duff & start working on it!

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Sylvia Plath once said, "I love my rejection slips.  They show me I try."   So let's all go out there and give it our best!

Write On!
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp by the USPS

Music Icon Series 

Made to look like a 70's album cover
Made to look like a kaleidoscope 

How I found out about the Jimi Hendrix Stamp (funny story):

So I went to the post office today to get some stamps. The clerk handed me a book of spring flowers. “Pretty!” I said. The clerk laughed. “I’ve got Jimi Hendrix, too.” He said, laughing harder. I didn’t get the joke then, but I laughed anyway. Why not?

When the clerk stopped laughing, he said he’d waited on a 75 year old woman the other day who asked for a book of stamps, and just for fun, he whipped out a book of the new Jimi Hendrix stamps and set them on the counter. The older lady looked at the stamps, then looked at the clerk and without missing a beat she shouted, “But I want something pretty!” “Well,” the clerk retorted without missing a beat as well. “I bet his Momma thought he was pretty!".  So that is how I ended up with the Jimi Hendrix pretty stamps and this blog.

How to become a Stamp

Parody of Schoolhouse Rocks - I'm Just A Bill

Bimp is short for Bimpmat (a small image)

Whew! You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to get
to Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC)
But I  wonder who that sad little scrap of paper is?

I'm just a bimp. 
Yes, I'm only a bimp. 
And I'm sitting here at CSAC. 
Well, it's a long, long journey 
To become a stamp. 
It's a long, long wait 
If you are a historical event, 
Until it’s your 50th anniversary, 100th or 150th 
But that‘s not me so, maybe they‘ll let me be (a stamp).

Gee, Bimp, you certainly have a lot of patience and courage.

Well, I got this far. When I started I wasn't even a
bimp, I was just an idea. Some folks back home
decided they wanted me to be a stamp, so they looked
up the criteria on how to be a stamp. And I fit!
So they drew me up and I became a bimp.

I'm just a bimp 
Yes I'm only a bimp, 
And I got as far as the CSAC. 
Well, atleast I’m not a town, city or county
Or a hospital, library or elementary school.

Because there are too many of each to single out
So the CSAC simply wont sort through, 
But that‘s not me so, maybe they‘ll let me be.

What if you were a famous person?
Would you have more luck?

Yeah, only if you consider a ghost to be lucky.
As one must be deceased for at least 10 years.

Ten Years?

Yeah, unless you are a former President.
Then he (or she someday) can be memorialized in stamp on their first birthday after death

What if you are a politician, fraternal or charitable organization?

Then you, along with any commercial enterprise or product are not eligible.

Oh no!

Oh yes!

I'm just a bimp
Yes, I'm only a bimp 
And I’m waiting for approval from the CSAC
Well, like all other hopefuls
I must have national appeal.
And it’s almost all a must to be
Either American or American related in nature
And no religious institutes or individuals
Should be considered
But that‘s not me, so maybe they‘ll let me be 

What if you were a State?
Can a State be a stamp?

Yes, on your 50, 100, 150th year of joining the union.

If you are already a stamp, can they do a follow up on you?

No! Not unless it’s been 10 years.   Unless!!! 
You are considered a traditional theme like US First Class, Christmas or Love

Hey that’s you! You are a stamp.

 Oh yes!!!

Bimp as a stamp! 
Oh yes!!!!

Celebration of Jimi Hendrix:

Jimi Hendrix Quote in Poster:

Music is a safe
kind of high

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Facebook page.

The Jimi Hendrix forever stamp is the fourth in the USPS Music Icons Series:

Lydia Mendoza issued May 15, 2013 
Johnny Cash issued June 5, 2013
Ray Charles issued September 23, 2013 
Jimi Hendrix issued  March 13, 2014

When the power of love
overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace.
Jimi Hendrix

Date of Birth: November 27, 1942 
Date of Death: September 18, 1970

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our other Facebook page.

More Jimi Hendrix Quotes & Song Lyrics

If I'm free, it's because I'm always running - Jimi Hendrix

I'll always touch you - Jimi Hendrix 

Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? - Jimi Hendrix

Excuse me while I kiss the sky - Jimi Hendrix

If the mountains fell in the sea,
Let it be, it ain't me.
Got my own world to live through
And I ain't gonna copy you. 
Now, if 6 turned up to be 9,
I don't mind, I don't mind.
If all the hippies cut off their hair,
I don't care, I don't care.
Did, 'cos I got my own world to live through
And I ain't gonna copy you.
Jimi Hendrix 

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MicroPoetry - Haiku Poems - Original 

MicroPoetry is the new rage in the art of Poetry!

A fast power punch! That is what I call it.  You don't write your MicroPoetry because you are bored and trying to kill some time.  It's something you must write, it practically explodes on the page.   No time to get flowery or worry about your audience, just get it out their in all it's intensity.  

Let Me Talk
by J. Bishop

I think I could go 12 years without talking
Would you notice?... it won't be long until we see
As it has been over 12 years
Since you stopped talking about you
And asked about me.

This poem just sent in:

by Mark Morgan

fleeting lightning flash
pulsing veins crack the darkness--

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Okay~~Quiz Time!~~~

What do the following three posters have in common?

True it can be found on our micropoetry page, but the answer is so much more!

Yes, it's true you can share these from our Facebook page.  And???

Also true, this one is technically not a poem, but it was submitted by a poet and fan of Poems and Quotes Finder Facebook page.  And your final answer??? do,do,do,do,do,do (to the tune of Jeopardy Game Show, of course).

Pop Quiz Answers:

The above posters where original poems or quotes submitted by poets like yourself.  Poets who have a great voice and are waiting for a place to shine.

You have the voice and we have the space!  We are now taking submissions!

Follow this link submit your poem for further information and publishing terms. Please only send us poems that are written and owned by you. We will do our best to accept as many poems as possible in a variety of themes and subjects.

So don't be shy, send us your poemshaiku poems,  micropoetry, free verse poem, inspirational poems, etc.  Any poem up to 34 lines.

Some poems will remain in their original text format; other poems we will make a poster out of them. 

So tell me, do you feel lucky, poet?

Finally got to say that. Mark that off my bucket list!

For inspiration, check out our blog on Haiku Poetry.

In Conclusion:

There is only one way to close out this blog.

Sylvia Plath Quote!!!!

I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still. -Sylvia Plath 

Stay intense and keep writing!
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Mind and Brain Power

World Jumbles Games 

Unscramble the following to make three words:


Puzzles and games can provide good benefits to your brain's health, but it's important to make sure the games stay challenging as well as fun.  That's why we have a word jumble puzzle and free interactive jigsaw puzzles, on our website!

swaners ta het ttobom fo gape
Oops! answers at the bottom of page.


Great Brain Power Memory Quote

I've got brain power and it's the greatest power of them all. 
Well, I love to recycle. To give credit, the original quote is love power and it's a song by the Bay City Rollers!  Check it out on youtube!

Improve Your Brain Power

From our website:

A healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy life.
We have can have great success in life but our performance and ability rely on keeping our brains active, focused, and in shape.

We can only be as much as our minds allow us to be.

When your brain functioning lessens so does your chances for success.

Your brain is the master key to all that you do. If you want to soar to great heights of achievement, you have to work to keep your brain improving with you.

brain power quote

Fun Brain Power - Mind -Memory Quotes:

-I think; therefore I am. -René Descartes

-A better brain; a better you!

-Those who believe in tele-kinetics, raise my hand. -Kurt Vonnegut

-Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind. -Jeffrey Eugenides

-You know you've got to exercise your brain just like your muscles. -Will Rogers

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It's a wrap:
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Did you remember the three words that you unscrambled earlier?

Memory - Power - Focus
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