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Happy 50th, 60th or 70th Birthday Song Parody

Three Song Parodies for the Baby Boomers’ Birthdays

Signs to the left are just computer generated. An easy to make project!
Damn Right, I'm Good In Bed, I Can Sleep For Days

I'm Not Old, I'm Youthfully Challenged

I Don't Have A Solution, But I Admire Your Problem

I Am NOT in Denial

Song Parody of Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song - 70th Birthday Celebration

The Ballad Of Lynn Clampett (Last name changed to protect the old)

Come and listen to a story about a man named Lynn
A poor Kentuckian, barely kept a hair on his head, 
Then one day he was combing through his locks
And out came a hair that was brown as a fox

Brown that is
Not Gray
Mercy me

Well the first thing you know ol Lynn’s an old man
Kinfolk said “Lynn you groan every time you get off the can”
Said “The hospital-lee is the place you ought to be”
So they loaded up the truck and the doctor they went to see

Pills, that is
High blood pressure 

Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Lynn’s looks & youth
And we’ll have to hope he hangs on to that one or two last tooth
You’re all invited to repeat yourself over and again 
He might hear you then but there’s no chance of his rememberin’ 

Old that is.
70 years.
Take your shoes off 
And calculate.

Have a happy birthday, y'hear? 

Balloons on the ceiling hanging from streamers are a fun and economical way to decorate!

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Song Parody of I Am Woman Hear Me Roar - 60th Birthday Celebration


I am 60 hear me moan
No longer fit and tone
And I can’t remember so I pretend
That I have no love handles
And I can blow out all those candles
With little help from the firemen

Oh yes I am 60
But it’s time for a cane
Yes I fell twice
But I hardly feel the pain
If I had to, I could walk around the block
I am 60 hear me moan

You can bend me but it would break me
And the hospital would refuse to take me
Cuz my bladder has lost all control
My nose hairs are getting longer
I smell like a fish monger
Cuz all this cat foot eating is takin’ it’s toll

On yes I am 60
But it’s time for a cane
Yes I fell twice
But I hardly feel the pain
If I had to, I could walk round the block
I am 60 hear me moan

I am old now hear me snore
My teeth have fallen on the floor
And I’m too stiff to bend to pick them up
Can’t see to find my way
Getting blinder day by day
Thank Goodness for my drool cup

Big 50
in Lite Brite

Fun decoration!

Song Parody of The Monkees Theme Song - 50th Birthday Celebration

Here she comes
Running down the street
The grooviest chick
You’ll ever meet

Hey, hey you’re 50
But people say it’s more like 20
And we’re too busy singing
To count the candles on the cake

We're just trying to be friendly,                
But hey it’s your birthday
You’re the Tab generation
And you get older each day

Anytime or anywhere,                                       
just look over your shoulder                              
Because we'll be standing there.                       
Cause next to you we look much younger
And people like to stare.
But don’t give it too much care
Cause we got plenty of beer

Hey, hey we’re your sissies
And we love you like you were 20
But we would be remiss
Without a 50’s diss

Hey, hey you’re 50
But people say it’s more like 20
And we're too busy singing,                  
To count the candles on the cake

Celebrate every day!

What if every day
were your day.

Celebrate Whimsy Today!

-Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Thank you Weird Al Yankovic for all the inspiration over the years!

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Please use these songs and let us know how the celebration went in the comment section below.

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