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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Poetry Day 

Attention-Attention: Exercise your freedom of bad rhyming speech -- August 18th is Bad Poetry Day! Maybe you are a poet? Maybe you just don’t know it? Oh my!

Bad poetry day
Bad Poetry Day August 18th Bad Poems

Bad Poetry Day is August 18th 

Origins: A group of old high school chums decided to write bad poetry to send to an ex-teacher. Awesome! 

I thought I would share with you my bad poetry since I have a challenge for you later on. So here is my poetry writing history:

Rare Gold Star Poetry 

I retired from poetry writing at my zenith. I was in elementary school and got a rare gold star for my poem, "A Skinny Black Cat."  Always stop while your on top, especially if you really do not have any talent for poetry writing.

A Skinny Black Cat

I once had a skinny black cat
And all it did was sit on a mat
It broke in the house
And ate a five foot mouse
Now that cat is fat, fat, fat!

Night Time Cold Medicine, Sylvia Plath and Bad Poetry

Coming out of retirement - The back story:

I was researching with a terrible cold (I'm a little wired on the nighttime cold medicine--sometimes that happens) quotes and poems for my Facebook page.  That when I discovered Sylvia Plath.  I was hooked from the first quote.

The combination of Sylvia swirling in my head, nighttime cherry cough syrup and the fact that my parents moved from the buffer zone of over a 100 miles away to 2.3 miles down the road a year ago March 17th, culminated in the following poems that I bravely submitted to Poetry Magazines.

Yup, this is what happened:

Sylvia Plath poetry writing quote
Sylvia Plath Bad Poetry Day Poems Poster

These are the best and tamest of the group of eight poems that wrote that night:

Sylvia Rose And So Did I 

I try to write but nigh
My voice gets stifled in your lies
Until one night I got a visit from Ms Plath
And she sent you to the grave before my eyes
Sylvia rose and so did I
Now you will have to endure both our wrath

Original Poem - Poetry 
You deemed everything manual labor
Making your coffee-manual labor
Getting the mail-manual labor
Throwing away your trash-manual labor
Doing the dishes-manual labor
Even clearing your dirty dishes from
your nightstand-manual labor

Seeing what’s on tv-manual labor
Fetching your shoes-manual labor
Finding your lost stuff-manual labor
Doing anything you don’t want to do
-manual labor

And you told me you were retiring
from manual labor
You deemed everything manual labor
Doing anything you don’t want to do
-manual labor
You loving me-manual labor

You think you are cool
Having everyone waiting on you
But we think you are cruel
And are waiting on you
to die

Poetry - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

So what happens if you are celebrating bad poetry day and the unthinkable happens?  That’s right a good poem accidentally gets written. Yikes.  Well I suggests, sending it to our website for possible publication

poetry quote
Submit Your Poems Dirty Harry Quote

So do you feel lucky poet?

Follow this link: submit your poems to submit your poem and for further information on publishing terms. Please only send us poems that are written and owned by you. We will do our best to accept as many poems as possible!

Lewis Carroll writing quote
Lewis Carroll Quote Good Poetry Poems - Bad Poetry Day

The Bad and Ugly Poetry:

Leave your bad poetry you write to celebrate the fine day in the comment section below!

Love short poems?  Read some famous haiku poems and some inspirational thought haiku.

Find time to rhyme!
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  1. What a fun day, I usually hated English literature in high school, so this is a fun way to make something boring into something fun. Happy Bad poetry day!

  2. I always enjoyed reading Sylvia Plath in high school. English was one of my favorite subjects and I really enjoyed the Poetry lessons.

  3. I don't have a bad poem but I do love your gold star poem. This is a cutie post. Love reading these poems. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Haha…. I love the Lewis Carroll quote! Great advice for a writer!

  5. Fun post, it made me laugh on a crazy day!

  6. Very fun idea...lord knows I have enough bad poetry in my day,just sad the poets who wrote it,never saw it.

  7. The cat poem is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

  8. Writing poetry messes with my mind. It challenges me to think outside the box and provide more meaning with only few words.

  9. wow those are some poems! The one about the skinny cat gave me a chuckle!

  10. This poetry are actually hilarious the poem about the skinny cat made me laugh.

  11. Wow! :D This is cooool!!! Great mind you have

  12. oh, I am loving this. Poetry seems to be a lost art some days... so glad to see it popping up randomly in my every day life!

    Skinny Cat rocks