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Ctrl Alt Delete Other Control Button Shortcuts

Ctrl Alt Delete will get you out of a mess

Ctrl Key Shortcuts: You'll Love Them, But Try To Control Yourself!

Terminology: 'hit' means hold down the Ctrl key (located on first key on the bottom row of keyboard) and a letter at the same time.

Ctrl + p = print

Ready to print your document! Why put your mouse up to the file button and click then scroll down to the print function and click to get the print box?  Instead, just hit Ctrl and the letter p at the same time and boom: print box.  No moving your mouse around!  Easy-peasy.

Ctrl + c = copy

After highlighting the text you wish to copy, just hit Ctrl and c (that's the ctrl button and the letter c) and you have successful copied the highlighted text.

Ctrl  + v = paste

After you have copied your text, just click on the document you wish the text to appear on.  Hit Ctrl and v and hello! There you go!!!!

In PrintMaster I used the Ctrl and d to get multiple Treble Clefs.
Ctrl + d = duplicate (not in all systems, try it and see)

Easy Highlighting Text Tips for Copying and Pasting

Sometimes it's hard to grab the text you wish to copy and paste.  Here are two shortcuts:

#1.  If you wish to copy and paste then entire document: just hit Ctrl + a (hold down the ctrl button along with the letter a).  This will highlight the entire document. Then as you learned earlier, hit Ctrl and letter c to copy.  Go to the document you wish to transfer the information to and click on the document. Do your Ctrl and letter v, and the entire document has now been copied and pasted.  

#2.  If you wish to copy a section of a document: Click Shift Click

*Click your mouse directly before the word you wish to start with (it will appear as nothing has happened, just go on to next step.

*Hold down Shift key (directly above Ctrl key)

*While holding down shift key: Click your mouse directly after the last word you want highlighted.  Yay, baby! You have highlighted text.

*Double dog dare you to try it now on this text.  Click Shift Click  Remember it will look like nothing has happened after your first click. Just hold shift and click where you wish your highlight to end.

More Easy-Peasy Shortcuts using Ctrl button (Control)

Ctrl + s = Save

Some programs will automatically save your work as you type, but not all do.  If you are writing an important, lengthy document, it is important to save your work as you go.  The more important the document you are writing is the more likely you are to lose it. That's Murphy's Law 101.  Now why, every time you want to save the current info, do you have to stop, move the mouse up to the File tab, scroll down to save, click, and then move the mouse back down to where you were typing when you can just.... Let me hear you say it!..... Yes, that's right. Stop where you are at.  Press down on the Ctrl button at the same time as the letter s and you have just saved your work.  Give me an easy-peasy (: <--listening with a pierced ear.  Thanks you!

Ctrl z and Ctrl y Are Your Shortcut Friends

Ctrl + z = undo or go backwards
Ctrl + y= redo or forward

These are my two favorite short cuts!  I like to try different options while making my posters, especially with fonts.  So in the above poster I have the text Arial, I changed it to Times Roman, changed it again to Subway Font, then I tried the Mellow Font and then I wanted to see how Verdana Font looked. Welcome to my world!  I can hold down the Ctrl button along with the z and it will go back to Mellow, I can keep hold of the Ctrl button and tap z to go back to Subway, tap the z and go back to Times, and tap the z and go back to Arial.  I get excited and tap the z again, oops my text has erased. I can then hold down the Ctrl button and hit y, back to Arial. I can keep tapping the letter y while holding down the Ctrl button if I want to look at it again in Times, Subway, Mellow and Verdana. It's my forward or redo button. That's easier than highlighting the text and then changing it to the different fonts all over again.

Okay, I use these buttons not as a back and forward, but to erase my errors!

Ctrl + x = cut.  Just highlight the area you wish to no longer exist and hit the Ctrl and letter x. I don't use this function on purpose. I usually highlight and hit the delete key.  I am just telling you this as sometimes I am trying to hit Ctrl and z and I accidentally hit Ctrl and x and wonder where my text went to.  So what do you do if that happens?  Yes, Ctrl and z will undo the bad.   Your text will reappear.

Some Home Button Love to My Fellow Homeys 

The Home button is to the right of your backspace button and to the left of your number keys.  Say you are scrolling down your Facebook page or any slow to download document.  Scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll. You get what I mean.  Anyway, you wish to go to the top of your Facebook page.  Instead of scroll, scroll, scroll back up. Hit the Home Key (by itself). Yippie-Hippy! You are back to the top! FYI--Just made up the phrase Yippie-Hippie, but you can use it! lol

A big thank you! My blogs have been shared recently especially through Stumble Upon.  It means the world to me that you took the time to share my blog! Your kindness shall be passed on.

If you wish to copy and paste some uplifting and positive quotes see the positive thinking quotes page on our website. Your visit is always appreciated!

ATTN:  Exercise after the sign out:  A list of shortcuts for you to copy, paste and keep!

Stay Creative!
-Poems & Quotes Finder

Shortcut Guide:
Ctrl + c = Copy
Ctrl + v = Past
Ctrl + p = Print
Ctrl + s = Save
Ctrl + z = Undo
Ctrl + y = Redo
Ctrl + x = Cut

Ctr + a = Highlight All
Click + Shift + Click = specific text

Exercise: Copy and paste the Shortcut Guide from this post to your word document (or any document). 

Click mouse directly before the word "Shortcut" (nothing will happen)
Hold down Shift key
Click directly after the words "specific text" (while still holding shift key)
**You now have highlighted text

Hold down the Ctrl key and the letter c
**You now have copied the text

Go to the document page you wish to copy the text to
Click on document
Hold down Ctrl key and the letter v
**The Shortcut guide should  be there now!!!
***If you get an error, then paste it to a notepad first, then copy and paste it to the document. Some programs have trouble with certain text copied off the net.  The notepad program supports text better. Once it's on the notepad, it no longer has issues and can be pasted on any document.

Hold Ctrl and the letter s to save document.  If the document hasn't been previously named, it will prompt you to do so the first time.  Any time you hit Ctrl and save after the first time, it will not prompt you again.

Your grade: A+++++++++++++ (A grade Ralphie can be proud of)


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