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Psychology Inkblot Game Debut 

Home Game For Fun Inkblot Psychology 

I’m Okay. You may be a little Cra-Cra Game! 

Made up and played this game with my family. A total of five people played which is about the optimal amount.  

You will need:
-A private room for painting
-2 Sheets of white computer paper for each guest
-½ sheet of paper for their notes 
-Quick drying black paint
-Various sizes cheap paint brushes
-Card table or old table to paint on-maybe covered with cheap plastic tablecloth
-Another plastic tablecloth
-Cardboard to put paper on to be painted.  
-Cardboard (I use the approx 3” cardboard lid that they put canned vegetables or soup on at Wal-Mart)  for lid to cover inkblot so no one can see
-Samples of Inkblots
-Prizes!!! (I made my own trophies with shiny gold curtain rings I found at garage sale)

My Inkblots

How To Play:
For the purpose of this explanation we will assume there are five players including yourself who will also be the host of game.

1. Have each player pick out a number from out of a cup and keep that secret Numbers will range from 1-5.
2. Show your guests what the standard inkblots look like. Though inkblots are asymmetrical, it is not necessary to paint their inkblots this way. They will paint two inkblots in secret.  They will put their number on back of their inkblot drawing.

**They are to draw an inkblot that represents themselves.  As if they were wanting to express themselves through the inkblot in hopes that their true nature will be interpreted by a psychologist (you and the other players).

**Stress that the drawing needs to be abstract. Do not purposely paint a smiley face, a house or whatever.  If after they try to paint their psyche and if it looks like something in particular, that is fine - as long as that was not there intention.

  3. One by one, they will go in another room and paint two inkblots.  They will have two white pieces of paper that they will put on a cardboard to paint.  Each guest will put their secret number on back of their drawings. When finished, they will place their paintings on the cardboard for extra security and put them on the floor which is covered by a plastic table cloth or tarp. When dry enough they will cover their paintings with a bigger cardboard lid so the next person will not see their inkblots.   Have each guest randomly put their covered inkblots on the table cloth willy-nilly so blots are not in the order they went to draw.

4. After all the inkblots are painted (you painted yours last) randomly select one set of inkblots to be put on the wall to be analyzed by everyone.  Tell everyone the number of the inkblots being shown. Please let guests know that they are not to let on if this is their inkblot that is being shown. They are to evaluate the inkblot as if it were not theirs. They can give a truthful analysis or an untruthful or a little of both.

5.  Give the guest a minute or two to look at the current set of inkblots being displayed.  The first person who has an analysis ready will start the ball rolling.  Then just go clockwise to the next person for evaluation until all have gave their opinions.

6. Then on a ½ sheet of paper you previously given them.  Paper should already be number as such:




___________________________  (etc.)

Remind them of what number inkblot they just analyzed. On that line have them put whose inkblot they think it is and a score of 1-10 (one being completely sane and 10 being most screws loose) where this person falls.  These are for notes only and can be changed at any time.

7.  Keep getting randomly a set of inkblots until all inkblots have been examined.  If you can, display the inkblots on a long table afterward in a 1 - 5 order so they can be looked at again by guest if they need help in their voting. 

8.  Have each player consult their notes and vote by number.  No one can vote for themselves.   First vote for: The sanest person.  2nd: The most screws loose.  Keep these two votes separate.  Then who they think gave (by name) the best analysis=(#1 psychiatrist).  

9. Next have them list on a piece of paper who they think each set of inkblots belongs to.  So I think #1 belongs to such person and #2 to …. Etc.

10.  If there is a tie.  We had a tie for sanest person.  Have a sane-off. Where for example #3 and #5 had the same amount of votes. Then take a revote where you can only vote for number #3 or #5.  

11.  So before you know who is who, you will know (for example) that #3 won the sanest person and #5 won the most screws loose.  Also that Joe won for best analysis.

12.  Now you are going to reveal whose inkblot belong to who.  Pick up the set of inkblots that is number 1.  Go around the room and ask each person who they thought it belong to. It will be revealed along the way when I say #1 was mine.  Have each player who guessed #1 belonged to me score a check mark on their paper. Then go on to #2 until all have been revealed.

**The person who matches the most inkblots to their owners wins the “I see Froot Loops award”.

**Now that you know whose inkblot belongs to who, give out the awards.

Disclosure: I won the Most Screws Loose trophy!  

Benefit:  This game was beneficial as it made each of us more aware that we don’t think of our mental psyche.  

I was trying to abstractly  paint my emotions and not only did it come out to in some degree, but also much more about myself that I found to be true, yet I was not really aware of.  It was eye opening.  I got very informative feedback.  Even though I was voted most screws loose, I got lots of positive feedback as well.  I even changed my feedback of my drawings as I could see new things that the other’s were seeing in the inkblot. 

We all need to be aware of our mental health.  This game was a great start!

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